Competitive Intelligence          

Your biggest weakness is to think you have no competitors

. . . or not to know them

. . . or to underestimate them and what they know about you.

Counteroffensive Competitive Intelligence™ will help you to know who they are and what they will do.

Our task is to help you turn business intelligence and market intelligence into valuable knowledge using competitive analysis.

Learn more here about Counteroffensive Competitive Intelligence™ services like benchmarking, category analysis, corporate analysis and industry analysis.

Company Profile                

Counteroffensive Competitive Intelligence™ bridges the gap between information provision, usually accessed electronically, and the strategic planning process. It assists its clients to utilise the growing number of data sources and the increasingly sophisticated level of presentation and manipulation. For some clients, Counteroffensive Competitive Intelligence™ is a complete business intelligence team. For others, it supports the effectiveness of internal analysts and business planners.

You will work with the core team, based in Glasgow, Scotland and which manages competitive intelligence research, assignments and reporting. This is supplemented by a ‘virtual network’ of leading, independent associates in Europe, Asia and North America.

Counteroffensive Competitive Intelligence™ includes a team of experienced senior consultants with a ‘hands on’ philosophy reflecting past lives as senior managers with leading corporations. The ceo - Ken Marr  - has a broad range of commercial experience in competitive intelligence, knowledge management, marketing, sales, product & systems development and general management.  Sectoral experience is particularly strong in toiletries, household & laundry consumables, food, drink, publishing, textiles, giftware & collectibles and electronics. Ken is also a director of MJI Business Solutions - one of Scotland’s leading consulting companies.

Counteroffensive is supported by a Scottish-based research team that co-ordinates primary trade and consumer research, global business intelligence and market intelligence searching secondary data using competitive analysis models.

Counteroffensive is a division of Backdate Ltd. The Backdate family includes specialist e-marketing Internet services from www.marketingebusiness.co.uk, ebusiness directory service www.2ebusiness.co.uk and directory of the 60s and 70s www.backdate.co.uk.

Counteroffensive Competitive Intelligence™ Mission                          

Counteroffensive Competitive Intelligence™ is an added value knowledge service, customised to client requirements and updated as required. Its point of difference is the ability of the competitive analysis team to add value to the interpretation of and recommended actions arising from a global review of consumer and business to business markets.

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